Blackberry Habanero Cream Cheese Frosting

Use this delicious blackberry habanero cream cheese frosting to top your favorite vanilla cupcake. It’s deliciously sweet, with a hint of heat.


8oz cream cheese, room temperature

4oz unsalted butter, room temperature

16-20oz (4-5 cups) powdered sugar

4-6 tablespoons Besito Caliente blackberry habanero sauce

Whole blackberries, optional


  1. Add cream cheese and butter to bowl of stand mixer and use paddle to cream until light and fluffy.
  2. Add powdered sugar and whip until mixed and smooth.
  3. Add sauce by the tablespoon, until creamy and smooth, but frosting still holds shape.
  4. Add to piping bag with favorite tip and frost cupcakes.
  5. Optional – add a whole blackberry on top of frosting and drizzle with additional sauce.